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Grow Poppies Turkish

People know this poppy as the Turkish poppy; biologists know it as papaver somniferum. The problem right now is to grow poppies Turkish, this poppy is well known as turkey opium from south Asia. This poppy differs from the others in appearance and quality. The Turkish poppies are largely used for the manufacture of morphine, codeine, narcotine, laudeine, papaverine, and many other alkaloids. The Afghanis grow Turkish poppies in the highest mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani poppy just differ in name with the poppy of turkey (Turkish poppy). Then, if you are thinking to grow poppies Turkish we can tell you that it is the same, so do not worry about it if you are getting Turkish poppy. Just buy the seeds on the Internet, be sure to buy the original ones, or if you prefer go directly to the nearest nursery and buy the Turkish poppy plant. Here are some easy steps to grow poppies Turkish. One, make a hole in the ground; two, spread the seeds; two B, if you just bought the plant then set it up into the hole; three, add some fertilizer into the hole; four, cover with dried soil free of water; five, water the plant or seeds until the soil is moist; six, just water it once a week. Before you grow poppies Turkish you have to known that Turkish poppy seeds are a good source of energy. They are also the source of drying oil, used for paint manufacture, varnishes and soaps, and in foods and salad dressings. Oil cake is a good fodder for cattle. The people who grow poppies Turkish make folk medicine, which is the case of analgesic, anodyne, some aphrodisiacs, etc. the Turkish poppy has been used in folk remedies to cure cancer, cold, colic, cough, diarrhea, dissenter, enteritis, it is also used as a cure for cancer of the skin, tongue, and many more. The Turkish poppies boiled in oil, is used to aid indurations and tumors of the liver. This is the reason to call Turkish poppies as an all remedy cure. The Turkish poppy grows annually as other poppies, sometimes with a few spreading bristles; stems slightly branched, large erected leaves. Turkish poppy has not been forgotten; it has been cultivated for several thousand years. To anyone who wants to grow poppies Turkish here is a recommendation: when the flower is almost ready to open, be really carefully and watch out for fungi on it, this will ruin your plant. If this happens try to dry the plant using a low fan ventilator and take the plant out to receive sunlight.

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