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How to grow Opium

This may sound as a TV commercial, but would you like to grow Opium? Would you like to know what it takes to do it? Have you always had that deep curiosity about the Opium plant and now that itís brought to the table you want to know about it? Well thatís what this is for so read ahead and get to know one of the things that were supposed to be prohibited by the law, and now it is free to be done with very simple instructions. What do you think about it? Are you willing to take the risk? Go ahead donít stop and read this very well if you want to know about this legendary plant with that black background that follows it, from a long time ago now.

When you think of the word Opium, what is the first thing that you actually think about? Most of the people would say drugs of course, but how close is the opium to being a street drug, well not that close at all, because the opium was not used in the past as a ticket to fly, to say this in other words, but for many different medicinal effects that it produced and helped the people to get through pain and suffering. But that is not all, it is actually used in its form of opium poppy seed for culinary purposes, yes as you just read, you can find them in your spice rack or in the piece of bread you ate in the morning and you didnít even knew it.

So why is there so much bluff around the Opium and by consequence why do people make such a big deal when find out that somebody is growing opium in his backyard. Well maybe it is because some people abused the opium dosages and started to use them for non-medical purposes, so it became controlled and by consequence it became illegal without a prescription or a doctorís recipe. This affected the plants reputation, but it is not a big deal at all, it is just another beautiful plant that gets the attention of the people that pass by and just that. And for those who want to begin planting Opium, well go ahead, here are some tips on how to grow Opium.

First you should go to a naturist shop or a regular place where plants and seeds abound, and buy the papaver somniferum, that is the real scientific name of the opium. You should plant them in warm soil for best results and they are even better if the temperature drops at night, what makes early springs and late falls excellent help for the healthy growing of the opium plant.

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