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How to grow Opium Plants

Gardening abilities are not in every person, that may be seen in every house with the beauty of the front or backyard and if there are flowers planted, or maybe trees, that is what makes a garden a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the afternoon.

One of the beautiful details that a flower garden should have is the color that gives life to the whole area and increase the beauty of the flowers. And one of the most colorful plants that there are, is the Opium plant, even if it sounds a little strange, this flower considered as a drug because of the effects that they produce when the juice of the seed is consumed in excess, not only the seed, because there are many other ways of getting out the substances that reside in it, but that is not what we are going to talk about.

The papaver somniferum plant, or opium plant as almost everybody knows it, is a very beautiful specimen that can be grown almost anywhere around the globe, but it will grow specially beautiful and healthier in parts of the world where there is moderate moist and medium heavy warm soils. That is the perfect kind of soil for the opium plant and if you actually have lands with those exact same conditions, you will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful opium blooms. Now lets get to the process of growing, you can do it starting from the seeds if you want, of course this is the most natural way of growing them, but also the one that takes more time, but it surely will be worth the wait, when you see the first sprouts of the plant. For the seeds to germinate in their best shape, it requires a soil temperature around the 15į Celsius, but donít worry so much about it. Another influent factor is the space that you give the plants to grow, optimum yields are obtained when plants are spaced 10 cm between plants and rows 32 cm apart, this means that each plant needs its own space to grow correctly, so donít seed them together in a bunch, because they may die out and never sprout.

The best time to plant the opium plant is in the beginning of spring, around the last days of February or in the middle of March, when your plant has grown about 15 cm from the ground, it will be time to weed the fields. Remember to help the plants by using fertilizers or acidic mixes in the land, and you will see that your plants will grow faster.

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