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How to grow Opium Poppy

This question is not one of those you ask yourself everyday or once in a while, it is very strange to hear somebody asking how to grow opium poppy? But you will be lying if you said that you donít care, because even if you are not going to do it, the curiosity is still there, and will make you hear and ask about it, that is the human nature. If you read this, you can take part in a conversation and correct the wrong statements that you may hear. So how to grow opium poppy is the question right? Well it is not that hard at all, and all because of the strength of the plant. The opium Poppy is a very strong plant and it will grow almost in any place, but donít take this to seriously and try to grow them in extreme weather conditions, because you will be disappointed of your failure. There is not really a different procedure to grow the opium poppy and any other regular garden flower, so if you use a little of your common sense you will figure out how to plant it and make it grow well. But if you donít even know where flowers come from, and where they grow, you should follow the instructions ahead to do it right.

When you have the opium poppy seeds, which sometimes come in different presentations, you should assign the proper space for your seeds, and this space should not be a little one, because these plants need its own space to grow strong and healthy. Also you should choose the space very carefully, first of all to avoid the birds, those evil creatures that eat your seeds if they locate them, so be very careful, kind of sarcastic, but it is true.

The opium poppy as most plants, needs the standard conditions for a plant to grow, so there is nothing special you should do to grow them. But that does not mean that you are just going to plant them and bum magic, you have your opium poppy all grown up the next day. No, this is also a process to follow with care, the opium poppy needs what any other plant need: sun, water, air and of course the care of its owner. The best times of day to water the opium poppy is the afternoon and morning. One of the problems that you will find when you see the sprouts coming out of the soil and when they turn actually into the plant, is that the roots are very small and weak, and that is a big problem, because the plant may die if it is pulled or moved out of its place of origin, so this is another factor that you should be aware of. Besides that, it is very easy to make your opium poppy grow.

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