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Papaver Somniferum Eating Green.

Papaver Somniferum is a plant originally found in Asia, certain parts of Europe and is best grown in the Middle East; here it has a long tradition, especially for its powerful narcotic characteristics.

For centuries was planted with the only purpose of extracting the opium from it. In fact, around the year of 1820, about 120 million people in China were regular opium consumers.

It is also present in the Greek mythology. The Greek goddess for fertility Demeter was told to have created the poppy as a sleep inducer. This, after losing her cherished daughter Persephone, Demeter was unable to sleep, so created the flower to put to an end her long sleepless nights. Greeks knew about the relaxation and also deadly characteristics of the papaver somniferum. Knowing that it could help to sleep, but that taking a too big quantity would lead them to death.

Opium is extracted as thick white, milk-type latex and then dried. This latex is extracted from the unripe seed capsules, when these capsules are left to get mature, one can get hundreds or even thousands of seeds. Papaver somniferum eating green is not a way to use opium.

Going from opium, codeine and morphine can be isolated, for clinical use from papaver somniferum poppies. Through a pretty much simple chemical process, morphine is turned into heroin, the most deadly and dangerous drug ever made.

Eating seeds becomes completely safe and even recommendable as the seeds contain a great diversity of nutrients. Depending on the plant variety, the seeds vary in color; they are most usually black, white and gray. The seeds are commonly used for baking and cooking, and are also found in most salad dressings. Oil is also obtained from the seeds by pressing them, this oil has an almond type of flavor, and it is used for cooking.

Consuming the seeds or its oil is not harmful, because the seeds donít contain alkaloids to make any pharmaceutical effect, but if eaten before a drug test, there is a possibility, that due to their consume, the test gives a positive result, suggesting the use of forbidden substances. It is important to mention that this is possible to happen only if a huge amount of these seeds are eaten.

Papaver somniferum seeds are commonly used widespread for culinary purposes in Western Europe, Middle East countries, North of India and some other countries in Asia. With the seeds they prepare sauces, dressings, bread, cookies, pastries, or they just sprinkle some on salads. They are rich in essential oils, and fiber and their nutty flavor improves meals. Painters also use the oil obtained from the seeds as a drying oil for the preparation of their materials.

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