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Papaver Somniferum for Sale.

The opium poppy is a widely used plant for its medicinal and pain reliever properties, thanks to the opium contained in the plant, with the exception of the seeds. Opium, first and currently used as a powerful and addictive narcotic, is also appreciated to get Morphine, a substance discovered by a German scientist working for Bayer, alongside with other alkaloids, which use goes from cough treatments to diarrhea and dysentery medications.

Companies like Bayer and other laboratories grow the opium poppy in huge quantities and of course, they have license to do it, so papaver somniferum for sale is not an option with them.

The seeds do not contain any important quantity of alkaloids, so they do not have clinical uses; but they have a long list of nutrients, they are rich in fibers and have a relative good flavor, so they are nice as an ingredient specially for baking bread, cookies, pastries, cakes and other delicacies of traditional dishes prepared locally in western Europe, middle East countries and Asia, and a common element in salad dressings. An oil in a proportion of over the 50% is extracted from the seed. This oil with an almond type of flavor is a very good substitute for olive oil.

Besides these uses, florists largely grow opium poppy, because being a pretty flower, with nice colors, they help to have a nice back yard. Now the plantís cycle is annual, this means it flowers just once a year, but the dry pods are used for dried flower arrangements.

Opium as a drug is not as popular as it used to be centuries ago, and even thousands of years ago, where it had a close relation with most cultures. The oldest record we find about the Papaver Somniferum, show that it was used since the time of Mesopotamia that goes as far as 5000 to 4000 BC. It is also present in the Greek mythology. The Greek goddess of fertility, Demeter is said to have created the poppy as a sleep inducer. This, after losing her cherished daughter Persephone, Demeter was unable to sleep, so created the flower to put to an end her long sleepless nights.

Although it is currently used mostly for medical purposes, and that is legal, there is still a lot of underground opium poppy growing. Countries like Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern countries, as well as others in Asia and Latin America grow this plant on a regular basis, protected by their corrupted authorities. The problem is difficult and complicated when laws try to control a plant that has such alkaloids, and is also highly appreciated for itís medical properties and as an ornament.

Papaver somniferum seeds are legal, and free for sale for ornamental and culinary use.

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