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Poppies Plant

The word opium is derived from the Greek word “opos” that means: Juice. The poppy plant is a native of Asia Minor and was known by the ancient Greeks. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed the opium’s healing powers to his patients suffering insomnia. Another famous Greek physician, Galen, recorded the first opium overdose. He became an advocate of practicing eating opium for some physical ailments (It can be used beneficially in griping pains after child-birth, colic and pain in the testicles) and mind problems (stress, anxiety).

Poppies plant or plants have their specific name. In the scientific world is named Papaver Somniferum; in the pharmaceutical business is named Semen Papaveris; in Chinese (Cantonese) language is named ying suhk hohk; in English is named opium poppy or garden poppy; in French is named graines de pivot; in German is named mohnsaat; in Indian is named post, khas-khas, or post dana; in Japanese is named keshi or papi; in Turkish is named haşhaş tohumu.

Each country Government regulates the major legal opium growing lands; these opium farms are in India, Turkey, Tasmania, Australia and the Balkans. The major illegal growing areas are in the highlands of Southeast Asia, specifically Burma, Laos, and Thailand, as well as the adjacent areas of southern China and northwestern Vietnam. Opium poppy is also grown in Lebanon, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico.

The opium poppies plant can be grown in a wide variety of soils: Clay, sandy loam, sandy, and sandy clay, it grows best in a sandy loam soil. This type of soil has good moisture-retentive and nutrient-retentive properties, it is easily cultivated, and has a favorable structure for root development. The clay soil type is hard and difficult to pulverize into a good soil texture. The roots of a young poppy plant cannot readily penetrate clay soils; therefore, poppies plant growth is inhibited. Sand soil, on the other hand, does not retain adequate quantities of water and nutrients for the proper growth of the plant.

Poppies plant or plants are very easy to grow, just one thing, be careful, they do not like to be transplanted. Papaver grows in disturbed soil. Its seeds may lay dormant for years, till the soil is disturbed. Then they bloom in great numbers under cool growing conditions. Poppy plant’s seeds are long lived; they can last from 3 up to 20 years.

Bear this in mind: The cultivation of poppies plant (Papaver Somniferum) is banned in the USA under the Opium Poppy Control Act of 1942. All opium poppies are considered poisonous, but not their seeds (the poppy seeds are found in the poppy heads), they are legal everywhere in the United States because of poppy seeds do not contain opium substances. All other species of Papaver are legally cultivated in the United States.

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