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Super Giganthemum Poppies

Super Giganthemum Poppies

Super Giganthemum poppies measure 6 - 7.5 cm in diameter with a 1 foot stem. These dried poppies are dark to light tan in color with thick shells.

100 pods per case

Out of Stock, Please Check Back Soon

Tasmanian Mediums

Tasmanian Mediums

Our Tasmanian Medium poppies are about 3.5cm in diameter in size and have beautiful long 1 foot stems. Another perennial favorite, the Tasmanian medium poppies have a beautiful purplish tint overall, offering a touch of color to any dried flower arrangement.

100 pods per case.


Turkish Special Poppies

Turkish Special Poppies

Grown in Turkey and Holland, these small to medium size oval shaped poppy pods are light green and golden brown in color. The Turkish poppies are known for their small size and have been used by our customers are a compliment to their designs. With our three box specials, these poppies are flying out the door!

One of our perennial products, the Turkish poppies are our smallest pods. They all contain seeds within them and have beautiful long stems.

170 pods per case.

New Price: 130.00 (Down from $150.00)


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